Rastreo de Paquetes

Estimado cliente:

Para realizar su rastreo de paquetes, es necesario que su navegador web (website browser) sea internet explorer bajo ambiente Windows XP/Vista

No está disponible bajo ambiente MAC/LINUX o web browser FireFox, Opera o Safari.





> Por favor Haga Click Aqui para iniciar su proceso de rastreo.


The Magaya LiveTrack control is only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer browser

How to use Magaya LiveTrack?

With Magaya LiveTrack you can keep track of cargo moved by companies that are part of the Magaya Network.

In order to see your cargo, you must have a login name and password given to you by the Cargo Agent Company. You must also have the ID of that company in the Magaya Network. The Cargo Agent Company should give you this information via an invitation email.

To see the status of your cargo you must enter the Cargo Agent's ID, the login name and password then click "Login".